Webcams and Microphone Issues

There have been a number of reports around microphones and sound in virtual meetings.

Teachers with desktop computers received a webcam on Saturday. These devices add a camera and microphone in one unit. The camera itself does not have any settings to configure. It is managed through the program you are using it with (Meet, Teams, Zoom, etc). In some cases, the program defaults to the computer’s external microphone input that usually has nothing plugged into it. In this case, you need to select the webcam microphone so that it can be used. Below are some guides for doing this in these programs.

Staff with laptops already have a camera and microphone built in. These are used the same way as the external device.

If you are able to use the microphone but it’s not working correctly, please open a helpdesk ticket so we can look at it. We will get to these as soon as we can.

If you need or want additional assistance, a member of the tech team would be happy to assist.


Links for common video tools:






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