Google Classroom Emails

Chrome Store LogoIf you use Google Classroom, then you may have noticed email sent to students by clicking the link within Classroom goes to the junk folder. This is because Google Classroom doesn’t follow proper email standards and opens its own message compose window. When this message is received by the student, it is flagged as spam since it claimed to be sent by our server but wasn’t.

We have a workaround for this in the form of two browser extensions. These extensions redirect the email request and open it in Outlook instead. This way the message will be recognized as legitimate and not sent to the junk folder.

You need to install the extension that corresponds to the version of Outlook you use. If you use the desktop app version of Outlook (preferable), you’ll want the extension called Gmail Link Fixer. If you use the web version of Outlook, you’ll want the Gmail-OWA extension. Both are available in the Chrome store and work on Firefox and possibly Edge as well.

The web version of Outlook doesn’t accept BCC addresses through the extension, so you’ll need to manually copy them from the To box into the BCC box. The desktop version doesn’t have this limitation.

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