Future of Printing

Picture of printerOur contract for managed print services runs out in the spring. This contract covers the copy machines and regular printers in each building. Feedback about the current machines suggests this is an area where we can make improvements. There are many possibilities out there, beyond merely deploying different machines. Imagine not needing a copy code and easily printing to any printer in the district!

A committee comprised of different grade levels and roles will investigate the options available. We hope to form a vision for printing that can translate into an RFP for services.

SchoolNet Assessment Update

The continuing saga of the SchoolNet to Illuminate transition is taking a positive turn.

After a lengthy back-and-forth with the folks at Illuminate, they confirmed that they will be able to import the assessments we have exported from SchoolNet. They are not able to import any of the drag and drop questions, however, which affects a handful of tests. In those cases, we made a copy of the test and removed those questions so they can import the rest. We are also unable to export any test that wasn’t created by the teacher – those using 3rd-party questions or SchoolNet’s item bank.

It’s been an adventure, but most of the assessments previously identified by staff have been located, exported, and sent to Illuminate. They have to do the import on their end, so we should hear from them once the process is complete.

HS Web Site Tweaks

Some outdated links and content was removed from the high school web page. Additionally, some of the menus were adjusted for clarity. The ‘Students & Parents’ link was split into two separate menus and the content was divided between them. Several of the menus were alphabetized to make them easier to navigate.

The web site is an ongoing process and more changes are anticipated as we move forward. Some of these are the calendar system and getting student groups listed in the site. More on that later…

Spam Filter Strangeness

Many staff have reported getting excessive spam messages that should have been filtered starting sometime over the weekend. It appears something went awry with the filter.

The server was restarted this morning and appears to be filtering as it should. We’ll continue to monitor it for the day. Anyone still receiving excess spam should contact us to investigate.

NWEA Testing Preparations

MAP Logo

The staff and student data for NWEA testing has been successfully uploaded. Students are loaded into their classes and the teachers are assigned to them. There are some questions about how the test is administered that we are working to answer.

Teachers who will be proctoring the test should have received and email with instructions to set up their account already. Once that step is complete, you should be able to set up testing sessions for your classes. The teacher site and a really, really quick start guide are linked below.

Teachers can log in to the NWEA site here.

NWEA MAP Quick Start Guide

Web Site Improvements

We’re looking at the web sites for staff, buildings, and the district in an effort to improve the ease of navigation and locating information about the district.

Designated contacts at each building will get training and guidance on expectations for the sites. The goal is to get a consistent feel between building pages, ensure content is accurate and regularly updated, make the calendars easier to use, and identify where navigation can be improved.

We’ll be seeking additional feedback about concerns with the site as we move forward.

The New Year Begins

It’s been quite busy this summer getting ready for the new year to start. We’ve closed over 100 help desk tickets in the last month, and more are getting resolved every day.

We’ve been out and about getting new staff set up with technology access. Many returning staff have required assistance with phone extensions, email, printers, and other technology quirks that need fixing.

We’re awaiting the arrival of much needed replacement computers for the elementary and high school. There’s certain to be more challenges as we get underway!

Welcome to Our New Site

New and Improved sign

You’ve arrived at the new web home of the Harper Creek Technology Department. This site is intended to provide a one-stop source for information from the technology department. New and existing resources are consolidated here for your convenience. Some of what you’ll find here:

  • Helpdesk: Report tech issues and make requests
  • How-To: Find answers to common tech questions
  • News: Updates and other timely information