Emailing Students & Parents in PowerSchool

PowerSchool now includes the ability to email students and/or parents through the gradebook. You can also copy their addresses to email separately through Outlook. A big thanks to Mr. Brinker and Ms. Warner for sharing this feature. The links below show how it works. Not all parents have an email in PowerSchool. All students should have one.

Fix Backward Video

We’ve received reports that when recording video with the webcam or document camera, the footage is mirrored. This makes recording math or writing especially challenging.

The first step is to see if the program you record with has the ability to record it correctly from the start. If not, you can use Movie Maker to fix this, but it will take a few steps.

An easier option we’ve found is a tool called Free Video Flip and Rotate. This is a small program that is named very appropriately. You simply drag in a video, click one button to flip it, and save the result. If can flip and rotate in seven different directions to accommodate pretty much any scenario. When it finishes, you have a second copy of the video alongside the original.

It can save in the MP4 format that YouTube and other sites prefer. You can then open it in Movie Maker or another editor if you want to do further work on it.

Free Video Flip and Rotate is available in the Software Center. Here’s a short instruction sheet and a quick video demo.

Tech Answers

We’ve been working on a new and improved tech knowledgebase, or KB. This is where we plan to post answers to common tech questions and provide documentation for various tasks.

There is information on everything from printing to wireless, and the collection will grow as we continue working on it.

You can access it here and it will be linked above.

PDF Printing Issues

If you can’t get a PDF document to open correctly or you try to print just a few pages and it disappears, this is for you. This also applies if you sent a PDF document to print and it doesn’t actually print when you release it.PDF Icon

Your web browser is attempting to display PDF documents, and it doesn’t do a great job of it. Especially when printing. The solution is to tell your computer to use Adobe Reader instead when opening PDF documents.

Click the link below for instructions on how to make the change: