KRA Assessment Devices

Due to the upcoming implementation of the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment, we were able to obtain enough touchscreen Chromebooks to provide six devices for every kindergarten classroom.

The device roadmap has twelve devices per classroom, and we hope to get the remaining devices once the budget is clarified. We’ll need carts to hold the devices at that point as well.

NWEA Testing Preparations

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The staff and student data for NWEA testing has been successfully uploaded. Students are loaded into their classes and the teachers are assigned to them. There are some questions about how the test is administered that we are working to answer.

Teachers who will be proctoring the test should have received and email with instructions to set up their account already. Once that step is complete, you should be able to set up testing sessions for your classes. The teacher site and a really, really quick start guide are linked below.

Teachers can log in to the NWEA site here.

NWEA MAP Quick Start Guide