HS Web Site Tweaks

Some outdated links and content was removed from the high school web page. Additionally, some of the menus were adjusted for clarity. The ‘Students & Parents’ link was split into two separate menus and the content was divided between them. Several of the menus were alphabetized to make them easier to navigate.

The web site is an ongoing process and more changes are anticipated as we move forward. Some of these are the calendar system and getting student groups listed in the site. More on that later…

Web Site Improvements

We’re looking at the web sites for staff, buildings, and the district in an effort to improve the ease of navigation and locating information about the district.

Designated contacts at each building will get training and guidance on expectations for the sites. The goal is to get a consistent feel between building pages, ensure content is accurate and regularly updated, make the calendars easier to use, and identify where navigation can be improved.

We’ll be seeking additional feedback about concerns with the site as we move forward.